September 13, 2016

Why Have a New Gate Installed by a Professional?

gate-woodIf you live in San Diego or the surrounding areas, it is very important to ensure your property is being protected from the outside. One of the biggest mistake property owners make is by refusing to upgrade their gate. Not only is a twenty-year-old gate a major eye sore that is going to bring down the rental and purchasing value of your property, but it is also a security risk. Older gates are much easier to jump over or open up entirely, which is why it is a good idea to contact a professional gate installation company in order to have a new gate installed on your property. Here is a look at a few more benefits of having a new gate installed by a professional.

grrenSecurity and Home Value –

As mentioned above, the security of your home or secondary property is always at risk when you have an older gate. With modern technology having advance to such an extent, it makes no sense to persist with a manual gate when you can have an automatic one installed for such a low price. Automatic gates are so easy to open for anyone with access to the property, but they are almost impossible to penetrate for anyone else.

And an automatic gate gives you the added bonus of saving some money on your homeowners’ or property insurance, because companies provide a discount on those policies given the added security provided by automatic gates.

Convenience –

If you have a massive gate on your property, you probably know how inconvenient it is to get up out of the car and open the gate before you can enter. If it is raining or snowing, or simply very hot outside, the process is even more frustrating. So why go through all of that? Go with an automatic gate instead, which you can open from inside your car without a hitch. And contrary to popular belief, these gates never get stuck or present any problems, especially if you have them installed by a quality gate installation service company that knows what it is doing.

Safety for Children and Pets –

Sometimes with a manual gate, we forget to shut it when we go inside the house. Maybe you were in a rush and you had a number of things in your hand, and you forgot to close your gate and did not realize until the next morning. Not only did you leave your home in danger of a break-in, but your children and pets could have wandered off with the gate wide open.

When you have an automatic gate, you do not even need to think about closing it when you come inside, because you can set it to shut after a certain period of time. Or you press one button on your controller and it closes within seconds.

If you want to increase the overall appeal and value of your property, along with improving security, it makes sense to look into getting a professional gate installation.

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